To promote and develop port projects, as well as infrastructure projects in association with national and foreign investors, covering the high priority needs in the development of the country.

¿What is Mexplus Puertos?

The Port of Altamira was created within the National Program for the Development of Industrial Ports, and it is in this context that a group of national entrepreneurs developed the Mexplus project in the late 1980s.

The Group began in 1990 with the OTM terminal, dedicated to the petrochemical sector with World Bank funds, being a pioneer within the Altamira port.

Subsequently, on October 5, 1994, Mexplus Puertos was created and in that same year the TMA terminal was added, dedicated to the agricultural, chemical and mineral bulk sector.

The Mexplus Puertos group celebrates 30 years of successful operation and is currently expanding, supporting its growth in the opening of the fuel market and the growth in demand in the agricultural bulk sector.